At Validity, we know businesses run better and grow faster with trustworthy data. Our industry-best data quality solutions are designed to help them do it.

For effective data management, our software solutions like DemandTools and DupeBlocker help CRM admins and users keep customer data clean, standardized, and free of duplicates. PeopleImport prevents importing duplicate or incomplete data sets into the Salesforce environment, making prompt lead follow-up and campaign data accuracy possible. And Trust Assessments pinpoint customer data quality issues, evaluate their financial and operational impact on key business segments, and provide a detailed plan for resolving them.

To support email marketers, Return Path from Validity analyzes a company’s sender reputation and the best ways to maximize deliverability and drive campaign ROI. BriteVerify email list verification services ensure email list accuracy and deliverability. And BriteVerify APIs stop bad data at the point of entry by verifying email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses, even in bulk.

Finally, for greater sales productivity, GridBuddy simplifies complex CRM processes, providing teams with all the data they need in a single, editable grid, and ensuring they get a true customer 360 view.

With our solution suites – Validity for Email, Validity for Data Management, and Validity for Sales Productivity – Validity brings together the best data quality tools for business success. We’re empowering organizations worldwide with the data quality they need to target, contact, engage, and retain customers effectively. See what we can do for you at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.