Northeast Dreamin’ Planning Committee

The Northeast Dreamin’ Planning Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who serve as user group leaders all over New England. We are thrilled to be planning NED again this year to share with everyone in our Ohana!


Take a sneak peak at the Planning Committee in action.

Steve Baines

Manchester, NH Developer Group Leader & Salesforce MVP | @stevebainz




Aaron Crear

Lowell, MA Administrators Group Leader | @aaroncrear




Dave Dudek

Boston, MA Nonprofit Group Co-Leader | @redsoxdad




Dave Hall

Boston Partner User Group Leader | @hallzy7




Ted Hazard

Portland, ME Administrators Group Leader | @hazardme




Rob Kaplan

Manchester, NH Administrators Group Co-Leader | @RobKapo




Amanda Matczynski

Boston, MA Administrators Group Co-Leader & Salesforce MVP | @agmatczynski




Jodi Nemser-Abrahams

Boston, MA Nonprofit Group Co-Leader




Megan Pietruszka

Boston, MA Women in Tech Co-Leader | @MeganPietruszka




Penny Savage

Manchester, NH Administrators Group Co-Leader | @bewaresavages




 Steph Sisson





Corey Snow

Northeast Region Higher Ed Group Leader, Salesforce MVP, & Higher Ed Advisory Council Member | @corey_snow




Kartik Viswanadha

Boston, MA Developers Group Co-Leader | @logontokartik




Bing Wang

Boston, MA Developers Group Co-Leader | @twtinc