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Simplify Salesforce change management.
With Prodly, it’s never been easier—or faster—to manage Salesforce. Our next-generation DevOps solution empowers your admins, developers, and ultimately business users to configure applications, remove bottlenecks in the development process, and reduce risk to critical business processes. With the time it saves, your team can focus on the building, testing, and delivering the next release.

That’s business agility, delivered.


Release management for Salesforce

Prodly’s AppOps Release automatically moves and maintains your entire data schema and metadata across all your orgs, allows you to schedule deployments and solves a host of Salesforce change management challenges. As a business, you’ll:

    • Maximize time-to-value
    • Eliminate of wasted time
    • Prevent of errors
    • Elevate governance
    • Increase sandbox usage without conflicts