Northeast Dreamin' 2023 Call for Volunteers

Thanks so much for your interest in helping out behind the scenes at Northeast Dreamin' (NED) 2023! We're thrilled to have you join us, both as attendees and as extra helping hands. Especially with our jam-packed two days of content, we couldn't do this without our amazing Community like you!

Please fill out your details below. We will send the information for our volunteer training call & the volunteer sign up sheet to those who show they're interested in volunteering with us via this form. Remember to register for the show as well! We can't wait to see you in Manchester.

For details on the specific roles, view here.

Any questions? Let us know at [email protected]
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Volunteer Interest & Availability

Note: shifts are 2 hours or less, within these windows - we want you to enjoy the conference as well! (Speakers: yes, you can still check the time block you're presenting during if you're interested in volunteering before/after.)

Especially around accessibility, eg. "can only do seated shifts." (Speakers: we know who you are and when you're presenting, so no worries there!)